Buyers‘ Guide: How Important Is Contrast to Mini LED Display?

Buyers' Guide: How Important Is Contrast to Mini LED Display?

From:Dongguan HCP Technology Co.,LtdTime:2022-10-01

As people's consumer demand continues to upgrade, they are increasingly concerned about the improvement of the quality of their lives. For instance, an increasing number of people have raised higher requirements for the performance of mini LED displays. Fortunately, since the mini LED display entered the market, it has been favored by people with its unique advantages of being cost-effective, high definition, low brightness, and high grayscale.


But for dealers who invest in mini LED displays, there are many factors they need to consider. One of the essential factors is the contrast of LED displays. Therefore, this article will take you through a comprehensive look at the contrast of the mini LED display and reveal why it is critical for the mini LED display.


What Is the Contrast of Mini LED Displays?

According to the definition of industry-standard SJ/T11281-2007 "Light Emitting Diode (LED) Display Test Method," under a certain ambient light intensity, the ratio of the maximum brightness of a mini LED display to the background brightness is the contrast. In other words, the contrast is the ratio of the brightness of the LED display at its whitest and darkest. 


Therefore, to improve the contrast of mini LED display, mini LED display manufacturers should improve the brightness of the display and reduce the reflection coefficient of the display surface, making them the "brightness to become brighter" and "black to be more black."


The Importance of High Contrast for Mini LED Displays

With the definition of contrast understood, let's uncover why high contrast is so important for mini LED displays.


ü  A Comfortable Viewing Experience

As one of the crucial mini LED display parameters, contrast plays a pivotal role in enhancing user experience. It means that the higher the contrast of the mini LED display, the clearer the image and the more vivid the colors. Conversely, the lower the contrast of a mini LED display, the blurrier the image and the less vivid the colors will be.


ü  Clearly Visible Dynamic Changes

It is worth mentioning that mini LED displays with high contrasts are extremely successful in image detail processing. Since the dynamic video has a fast transition between shade and dark, high contrast LED display helps our eyes adapt and distinguish the fast transition process without bothering the eyes.


Low Contrast


High Contrast


Super High Contrast

Why Are the Contrast of LED Displays Vary from Different LED Manufacturers?

Although the importance of high contrast is well known, the contrast of mini LED displays on the market varies greatly among different mini LED display manufacturers. In fact, this is due to the different packaging methods, and production processes of mini LED manufacturers, which leads to inconsistent contrast.


ü  Inconsistency in the Way of Flip-Chip and Lateral Technology

In the lateral form of LED display, electrodes and wires are in the light surface, which will affect the LED chip light angle to a certain extent, reducing the display's contrast. 


However, flip-chip technology is the LED chip directly solid crystal on the PCB board, and there are no electrodes and solder lines of the shield, making the light-emitting area large and luminous efficiency high. Therefore, the contrast of a flip-chip LED display is much higher than that of a lateral LED display.


ü  Inconsistent Packaging Methods

The main packaging methods for LED displays in the market today include SMD and COB. By using the SMD packaging method, the LED display is required to use the bracket structure to make the chip. However, due to the size limitation of the bracket structure, the SMD bracket package that cannot be reduced in size makes the physical limit of the light-emitting pixels, which eventually leads to a lower contrast of the LED display.


However, mini LED displays utilizing the COB packaging method do not have this bracket structure. With the addition of smaller LED chips, the chip occupies a much smaller area on the PCB board than the SMD packaging method, ultimately achieving brighter brightness and higher contrast.


HCP: The Leader in High Contrast Mini LED Displays

As aforementioned, the importance of high contrast for mini LED displays is obvious. The combination of full flip-chip and COB packaging technology of the mini LED display is an outstanding contribution to improving the contrast. Therefore, a full flip-chip COB display will be the best solution for a high-contrast ultra-fine-pitch LED display.


With several years of experience as the leading mini LED display manufacturer in China, HCP offers COB LED displays with high contrast, high brightness, high color, high definition, and other excellent performance. For instance, our COB series displays have achieved a contrast ratio of 15,000:1 while offering affordable prices. Therefore, our COB series mini LED displays can showcase unparalleled display effects to enrich users' viewing experience. 


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