Top 3 Benefits Brought by HCP Mini COB LED Display

Top 3 Benefits Brought by HCP Mini COB LED Display

From:Dongguan HCP Technology Co.,LtdTime:2022-11-07

According to the data from TrendForce Tiburon, in 2021, the demand for LED display market demand significantly grow. The global market scale reached 6.8 billion U.S. dollars, with a more than 23% growth compared with 2020. Among them, the market size of small-pitch LED displays is about $3.8 billion, up 40% compared with 2020.

With the continuous innovation of small-pitch LED display technology, these LED displays have gradually become the mainstream product in the next few years. In this condition, Mini COB LED displays, with their high brightness, high contrast ratio, high resolution, and low power consumption, have brought stunning display effects and have been acclaimed by end consumers. At the same time, due to their thinness and innovative chip packaging, Mini COB LED displays have become the major focus in the small-pitch display market.

In order to give you a comprehensive impression of Mini COB LED, this article will take you through some of the advantages of Mini COB LED displays and recommend the best quality products.

HCP: The Leader in Micro-Pitch LED Displays

The Mini COB LED display, as the innovation of a small-pitch LED display, adopts the latest COB packaging technology to achieve an excellent visual experience cost-effectively. With in-depth research on the market demand, HCP, a professional LED display manufacturer, launched different Mini COB LED displays to solve the problems of slow response, poor picture quality, and low brightness brought by traditional LED displays.


For example, our Mini COB LED display adopts the technology patent Mass Transfer Technology to transfer millions of Mini LED chips to the PCB board. Our displays have excellent contrast and visual experience with special surface treatment technology.


Three Reasons to Choose HCP Mini COB LED Display

Here are the reasons to choose us as your long-term display supplier.


1.       Technology Innovation

On the one hand, our Mini COB display adopts the latest technology, COB full flip-chip packaging technology. This technology can effectively solve the problems of low performance, slow heat dissipation, and easy bumping of LED displays caused by the shortage of traditional LED display packaging technology and achieve a breakthrough in small-pitch LED.


On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, we have a patent for our Mini LED display - Mass Transfer Technology. With our continuous research and efforts, our new patented Mass Transfer Technology overcomes the shortcomings of doubling pixel density and solves the obstacles of COB display yields that are difficult to meet, laying the foundation for the success of the Mini COB display industry.


2.       Excellent Performance

Since our Mini COB LED display is produced with independent pixel imaging, which can realize the display effect of no light stringing, sharp image, and vivid color. Meanwhile, the Mini COB display has good heat dissipation, long life, high contrast ratio, wide color gamut, high brightness, and high refresh rate, which are also our main selling points.

1.       High Value-of-Cost

The overall luminous efficiency of the Mini COB LED display is higher than most products in the market, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and achieve a real energy-saving effect. At the same time, the single module correction technology and high protection level (IP67) make our Mini COB display easy to install, less maintenance, low maintenance cost, and very cost-effective.


HCP Mini COB LED Display Recommendation

As a leading manufacturer of LED displays worldwide, we are committed to bringing Mini COB LED displays to our customers with the best performance and affordable prices. Among the many displays equipped with professional qualities such as high definition, high contrast, and high responsiveness, the C2 Series is favored by people worldwide. The main features of Mini COB C2 Series LED displays include the following.


ü  Pixel pitch covers P0.4-P1.8 to meet different requirements of users

ü  1,200nits brightness

ü  16Bit grayscale

ü  15,000:1 contrast ratio

ü  120% NTSC color gamut

ü  7,680Hz refresh rate

ü  Extremely high protection performance

ü  Single Module Correction Technology

ü  Conforms to industry standards and specifications

ü  Self-developed optical display technology greatly protects the eyes

ü  Multi-scene applicability

All in all, the Mini COB LED display from HCP has reached the industry-leading standard in terms of visual effect, installation cost, and investment cost. Therefore, if you are interested in our wonderful products, please feel free to contact our professional sales team. Our unique screen solutions will not let you down.


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