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Why Choose COB LED Display as the Next Mini LED Display Purchase

From:HCP TechnologyTime:2022-02-28

The use of the mini LED display has skyrocketed fine pitch led display’s demand to much extent in modern times, however, COB technology takes mini LED display to a new era.


The booming market of COB LED displays has attracted an increasing number of display manufacturers to own this business. Such as Samsung Display, which is gradually getting out of the LCD business, is concentrating on mini&micro LED display instead. In order to help you know more about COB LED displays, this article will guide you to clarify what they are as well as some reasons to choose them as the next mini LED display to purchase. 


What are Mini and COB LED Displays?

On the one hand, the mini LED display which is an advancement of traditional LED displays, provides users with numerous merits, including the visual experience improvement, higher energy efficiency, less maintenance, etc. Since we already have a comprehensive introduction about mini LED displays, you can click here to know everything about mini LED displays. 


On the other hand, the COB LED display, a renovation of small pitch LED displays, uses the latest COB encapsulation technology to achieve an excellent visual experience in a cost effective way. Compared with other encapsulation methods, COB (chip on board) technology directly places LED chips on the PCB board without any frame, therefore simplifying the production process and providing a wider viewing angle.



Why Choose COB LED Display as Your Next Mini LED Display?

After clearly knowing what COB LED displays are, the next step is to determine why to choose them as the next mini LED display to purchase. Here we give you three reasons listed following.


1. Enhance the Standard of LED Display

On the basis of traditional mini LED technology, the COB LED display introduces the chip-level encapsulation technology, which has brought better anti-collision and durability. With such a progressive technology, the LED chips will directly reach the PCB board, improving higher heat dissipation capacity and thus decreasing the power consumption. 


To mention that, HCP Technology, an expert in manufacturing COB LED displays, it utilizes patented self-developed optical material for product surface , which ensures the LED chips are fully protected, therefore the COB LED display surface is more moisture-proof and collision prevention than others. 


2. Premium Visual Experience

There is no better option than adopting COB LED displays due to their sharpened imaging and premium visual experience for pictorial representation. Since the LED chips is directly encapsulated to the PCB board, COB LED will be freed from the physical size of SMD and achieve much higher resolution. Not only that, the adoption of COB encapsulation technology ensures the LED display obtains a comfortable and soft image quality without a sense of pixel particles. In this situation, the COB LED display is quite suitable for a close distance or indoors with a long time watching.


3. Ultra Fine Pitch from Mini LED to Micro LED

From mini LED to micro LED, UFP (Ultra Fine Pitch) mini LED displays are produced through rigorous processes and innovations. For instance, the UFP series products from HCP Technology not only improve the yield rate of packaging and product reliability but also have a high contrast ratio. Meanwhile, we use patented Mass Transfer technology to ensure our UFP series are in an excellent performance that has a wider color gamut, ultra HD resolution (2K/4K/8K), high protectiveness, and easy to maintain.


Choosing HCP Technology to Purchase COB LED Displays

As aforementioned, the LED display industry has experienced constant technological innovation. Now, people have a better user experience with the emergence of COB technology, and it seems that COB LED display is the future of LED display.


Thus, if you are looking for fine-pitch LED displays that will boost your profits, HCP Technology is your trustworthy partner you can't miss. We will prove we are the best partner as our COB LED display has robust durability, superior performance, and advanced technology. 


Along with being a global LED display manufacturer, HCP Technology provide solutions for individuals and businesses. We emphasis on R&D and manufacturing technologies to develop a vertically integrated ecosystem that will provide high-quality and cost-effective LED displays. The underlying aim of our products is to increase production efficiency and customer satisfaction. 


If you have questions related to our products or otherwise, please feel free to contact us anytime, and our team will go the extra mile to help you.

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